Christian Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Programs vary at Christian drug rehab centers. In drug rehab centers in florida and Christian treatment centers for alcoholism and addiction follow Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12 Step Model for recovery.

Both Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) consider themselves to be “spiritual” rather than “religious” programs. However, the roots of AA (and therefore NA) are in the Christianity.

Alcoholics and addicts working towards recovery are like the proverbial sinner seeking redemption. Their programs are similar: alcoholics and addicts have the 12 Steps of AA; Christians have the Bible’s Ten Commandments.

The first and second commandments are requirements that only God is to be worshiped.

Step One of Alcoholics Anonymous tells those seeking recovery from alcoholism or addiction that they must admit and accept their disease, their powerlessness over it, and recognize the unmanageability of their lives.

The spiritual principle behind Step One is Honesty.

Step Two offers encouragement in that it offers hope — and Hope is this step’s spiritual principle — for a belief in a Higher Power can aid in achieving and maintaining sobriety.

The third commandment is a reminder that if God’s name is used, it should be used properly, preferably prayerfully.

The Third Step informs addicts and alcoholics to turn themselves over to the care of their Higher Power. The principle is Faith.

The fourth commandment is a prompt to work all week, then rest, worshiping God on the Sabbath.

The Fourth Step’s spiritual principle is Courage. It’s needed as this step insists upon a personal inventory along with an accounting of misdeeds.

In Step Five, Integrity is the spiritual principle. That’s what’s exhibited when AA members admit their wrongdoings.

The fifth commandment is fairly self-explanatory. In AA, it’s worthwhile to honor your program elders (sponsor, “Old-timers,” etc.).

Willingness is the principle in Step Six. One must be willing to have their character flaws removed by a Higher Power.

The remainder of the Ten Commandments involves what NOT to do:

Don’t murder anyone

Don’t cheat on your spouse

Don’t steal

Don’t lie about your neighbor or anything else

Don’t be envious

Humility is the spiritual principle of Step Seven. It is necessary to be pride-free when seeking assistance in removing our faults.

In Step Eight, the principle is Brotherly Love. That’s what addicts and alcoholics need in order to prepare to atone for misdeeds.

The principle of Step Nine is Justice. Justice is meted out when addicts and alcoholics carry out Step Eight and attempt to make “amends.”

Perseverance is Step Ten’s spiritual principle. It’s necessary to have perseverance when examining one’s thoughts and actions and admit wrongdoing.

Step Eleven’s principle is Spirituality. This step provides guidance on meditation and prayer.

Service is the spiritual principle for Step Twelve. Like evangelical Christianity, service is carrying the message and assisting those in need.

Christian drug rehab centers in Florida and drug rehab centers in florida are finding areas where AA and NA overlap with faith and sharing what they discover with those in need of recovery.

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This article is written by Peter Rhett .

Useful Drug Rehab Treatment Information

One of the most important topics in our society these days is drug addiction. It is no longer news that there are many folks on drugs who need treatment. Unlike what many addicts and concerned family members are thinking, there is a solution to the crisis. The effect of drug addiction is not only limited to the sufferer but it can also touch the individuals around him or her. This explains the reason why the crisis must be handled as fast as possible. Any postponement may be dangerous.

Today, there are many drug treatments out there. Irrespective of whether the addiction is a result of crack, cocaine or related drugs, the fine news is that there is solution to them all. But probably the best way out of the crisis is to get the victim of addiction to a drug treatment center. The aim of these centers is to manage the problem and assist the addict to live a normal life again.

There are numerous techniques that these centers make use of in their attempt to help addicts. A few of them are counseling, coaching and medication.

It is also a good idea for anybody grappling with drug addiction to opt for group counseling sessions. You can go for private counseling sessions with psychiatrists and professionals that know how to assist individuals like you. The result of this is that you or the addict will be able to deal with the difficulty of addiction and be converted into a normal individual once more.

The right kind of medication is another measures that can be used to handle drug addiction. There are lots of medications on the market that can be taken to control the cravings for drugs. Two very good illustrations are Methadone and Suboxen. What these drugs do is that they give the addict the impression that he or she is on drugs when actually he or she is not. The consequence is that the cravings for drugs will be restricted drastically.

Besides the above procedures, it is highly recommended for a person grappling with drug addiction to attend a drug rehab treatment center. These centers will make sure that you not only stop but you also avoid drugs permanently. These centers have skilled and knowledgeable staff that know what you are going through and can assist you out of the crisis. Luckily, there are countless centers out there that you can be present at. Find a good one now and bid drug addiction farewell.

The Best Drug Rehab Center - What To Look For In Drug Rehab Centers

It is highly recommended that you firstly ascertain the severity of the crisis of drug addiction you are grappling with before you start seeking the best drug rehab center. This is because the severity of the problem must determine the kind of center you must go to and not the other way round. Since there are more than a few centers to choose from, there is need for you to identify the solution you are seeking before you enter any center. All the centers in existence are special and they concentrate on certain group of folks and make use of unique approaches to help addicts to overcome their difficulty.

You need to know if you have any particular requirements before searching for the best drug rehab center. The basis is because there are many centers throughout the country which take care of aged people, individuals with disability, young folks or only a specific gender or race.

Your needs will help you to trim down the list of centers available and then you can make use of the subsequent points to recognize which of them to register with.

The primary thing you must care about is the treatment program of the center. All the centers have their own treatment approaches. While several of them make use of religious ways to assist their victims, other centers use medications, family therapy, contingency management and so forth. However, the best treatment program you should choose is one that should not only assist you to stop addiction, it should also assist you to keep away from drugs for the rest of your existence. Furthermore, the program must involve support after leaving the center. The center must still maintain contact with you and assist you to stay drug free.

The cost is another issue you must take into account when seeking the best drug rehab center. It is right that a number of centers are very pricey and away from the reach of lots of persons, you must not let that deter you as you are sure to come across an affordable center that will not compromise quality. It is also a good idea to confirm if the price of treatment is covered by your insurance provider. That can save you a lot of money. Aside from that, you should think about going to a non-profit center. They are quite cheap and can still assist you to handle the crisis of addiction.

Another thing you must evaluate in a rehab center is the length of the treatment. It is highly recommended that you shun short term treatment. It has been established that addicts who use 90 or additional days in a rehab always have more success than folks who don't. Nevertheless, try and scrutinize what is involved in the program before going to the center.

If you or a loved one is grappling with drug addiction, I beg you to look for and register with a center today. The best drug rehab center for you is the one that can care for your unique requirements and help you live a drug free life.

Drug Rehabilitation Is The Best Solution For Drug Addicts

In our society, it seems that drug addiction is so common; people are becoming immune to this fact. This is a dangerous scenario because it then becomes more difficult to realize there is a problem. It is true when there are groups that are addicted to drugs, it actually feels normal. This unfortunate fact means we are headed in the wrong direction. Those of us who are not addicted are simply bystanders and gawkers these days. We see them, we know they are there and need help, but we offer up no assistance. This group disassociation needs to be looked at further if we are to end this epidemic.

Now, new laws are being voted on to allow certain drugs to become legal. It is hard to tell if this is the right idea. Marijuana use steadily continues to climb and will never be stopped by law enforcement. On the other hand, this gateway drug may open the flood gates for more drugs to be experienced with by our impressionable youth. It just seems that we are always in a catch 22 type of situation.

Drug addiction leads to drug overdose because our tolerance level continually increases over time. There seems to be no solution. Whenever government steps to end drug distribution the dealers just continue to find new ways to distribute. If they are not going after the source, they are going after the users. Over the years we have seen that this simply has not worked. Drug rehabilitation seems to be where all arrows are pointing to. The problem with that is that most people do not seem to want to get help; or they do not recognize they have a problem. The time has come for intervention by others. If you know someone who is taking drugs, or is hooked on alcohol, it is time you act for them.

Allowing drugs to be legalized means more and more people will be walking around in a stupor, legally. This will be considered normal behavior by society. The answer lies in the treatment. With the help of drug rehabilitation clinics, we could be on our way to seeing some real changes that actually work; but this will only happen if you get involved with those you know that have a drug problem. Do not let your friends or loved ones suffer or ruin their lives; you have to get involved.